I am trying to call a JavaScript function that sets the size of my progress bar to indicate how far the user is in downloading their mail.<BR><BR>I have a for loop which loops through the messages, but the progress bar only renders once the last message has been downloaded. Thus the progress bar appears complete straight away. I have turned buffering off my page and included a few response.flush() statements in my loop, but the page only displays once all messages have been downloaded. How do I make it so the JavaScript is called every time in the loop and that it shows gradual progress?<BR><BR>Here is the code for my for statement...<BR><BR>For i = 0 to numMessages<BR> jScriptString = "&#060;SCR" + "IPT&#062;"<BR> jScriptString += "setSize(" & theSize & ")"<BR> jScriptString += "&#060;/SCR" + "IPT&#062;"<BR>Next<BR><BR>Greg<BR>