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    Hello all, I am new to the forum and to ASP so please bear with me.<BR><BR>I am creating a web site that reviews items and I would like to have users be able to compare the items side by side (a bit like they do on CNET). So the user would check off a few different boxes with those particular products and the ASP script would retrieve the information and place the compariason in a table format.<BR><BR>I am running on an NT server and using MySQL (I have yet to use it but this is what the host provides).<BR><BR>Any input would be much appreciated, whether leading me to an already written script or a web site that could help me out.<BR><BR>Thanking you all in advance,<BR>Mike

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    Default Start here...<BR><BR>You want to view details of the records instead of delete them, but the concepts are the same. Look at the ASPFAQ that the article links to in the top intro paragraph, as well.<BR><BR>

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