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    alf Guest

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    I develop my pages using Visual InterDev so I guess I shouldn&#039t be too surprised when they look totally different in Netscape 4.7 versus IE5.<BR><BR>I know some of the things to avoid like &#060;p align=center&#062;&#060;/p&#062; and to use &#060;center&#062;&#060;/center&#062; but there must be a whole bunch of "other" incompatibilities as well because even after this, the page still doesn&#039t look right. The pages are fairly simple, they are mostly tables and graphics......and the javascript I am using works fine.<BR><BR>Please help!<BR><BR>alf

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    Jan-Loek Guest

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    It is even better to use &#060;DIV ALIGN="CENTER"&#062; then &#060;CENTER&#062;.<BR>There is I&#039m afraid an endless list of things different between Netscape and IE. A classic one is that NS is very strict that you end a table &#060;/TABLE&#062;, otherwise the whole table is invisible. <BR>What is the URL of your site?<BR>

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    If you develop webpages for more then one browser, witch you oftenly do, use Netscape when watching you progress.<BR><BR>Cause if it looks ok in Netscape it usaly looks ok in IE.<BR><BR>I develop all my pages for Netscape and they work fine in IE.

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