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    This is really two questions. I just read Roger Kaiser&#039;s article about interleaved text and how it is faster than pure script. I read somewhere that constant switching between modes impacted performance. I have gotten into the habit of creating a function or sub (server side) that does everything and then writes out the html (thinking I can later turn it into a component or at least manage my code better). I do use interleaved text to call the routine but I really try to avoid mixing logic, database connections, etc inside the html. Are there no perfomace issues with mixing everything up? I have seen some very cool ideas using interleaved text and some problems can be better solved that way.<BR><BR>Second, I read that using "With" in respect to objects was more performant because you only make on call to the object instead of numerous times.<BR>Such as:<BR><BR>With Response<BR>.Write ...<BR> .Write ...<BR> .Write ...<BR>End With<BR><BR>Is this incorect?<BR>Thank you to everyone that does this stuff just because of the joy in it.

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    Default Yes it is more efficient but...

    ...don&#039;t look for a significant performance improvement for smaller sites (less than 1,000 visitors a day).<BR><BR>It is good practice to modularize your ASP code. Just make sure you avoid string concatenation as much as possible.

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