Sending .asp files to client as non .asp files

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Thread: Sending .asp files to client as non .asp files

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    The Problem:<BR><BR> I have an ASP server set up and connected to an SQL DB. I was thinking about creating a ASP driven VRML site that builds the VRML files from the SQL db. <BR><BR> For anyone not familiar with VRML, it is a Virtual Reality Modeling Language, capable of generating 3d models from script files, basically a 3D version of HTML. VRML scripts are plain text files with the extension of .wrl. They are read typically by a 3rd party browser plug-ins, and can link to, and be linked to by regular HTML files. <BR><BR> The problem is if I use ASP it generate a .WRL file, I cannot send it to the client as anything but an .asp file. if I name it as a .wrl file it won&#039;t be processed by the server before being served to the client. If I name it as an .asp file, the .asp script is executed, but it is sent to the client as an .asp file which will not trigger the browser plug-in to function.<BR><BR> I tried using the Response.ContentType parameter to set it to a &#039;text/vrml&#039; type, but this prompts the user to either download or open the file from the current location, and if it is opened, it displays the script as plain text.<BR><BR> I need to know if there is a method to process an .asp file and send it to the client as another file type, or if there is a way to tell the server to treat other file types as .asp files to be processed. (Either in theory would work) I tried looking through all my books, MSDN, USENET groups, and some web message boards. I&#039;m stumped. Any suggestions?<BR>

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    Can you write out the file using FSO then use Response.Redirect to send them to the new file??

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    Default Content-type *should* have worked.

    Only thing that I can tell you to try is to create the wrl file using the FileSystemObject and then redirect to it.<BR><BR>-Doug

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