Hello,<BR><BR>This is either simple or complicated, but I&#039;ve been tasked to build a simple search interface with search choices for a group of folders/directories filled with PDF documents. I&#039;m a little "foggy" as to how to approach this. If anyone has any ideas about how to approach this task, it would be very appreciated. I&#039;m open for any suggestions toward any type of solution. <BR><BR>It&#039;s simple, up front, however these documents are updated frequently enough that it would seem logical to put these inside a table and use script to pull from there, though how would the documents be placed inside the table? I do know that the file names can be placed as hyperlinks - pointing to the files on the server - but how would that be interpreted using ASP? As well as with a search interface? <BR><BR>Man, I&#039;m in desparate need of some assistance..<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Marc Pointer