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    I am caught between my developer and host on this one. My developer says he cannot access our database remotely, my hosting company says" Huh?"<BR><BR>Does this email make sense to anyone but my developer?<BR><BR>Start of email..........<BR>"I got a question..<BR>Are those guys from SHS server idiots or what???<BR>Do they know to read an email ?<BR>Have they at least open the links i send or not!!!<BR> <BR>So i repeat my self:<BR> <BR> <BR>The same ASP file connecting to their SQL server is here on my server<BR><BR><BR><BR>where it works fine<BR><BR>and here on secondhandsale server which means on their server using the same SQL connection<BR><BR><BR><BR>where it does not work"<BR>End of email...............<BR><BR>Thanks.<BR>Do not worry about the passwords, they will be changed.

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    Default as it says

    on the second server you have not set up the DSN...<BR>open the control panel and ODBC connections<BR>The System DSN connection <BR>Make a connection for the SQL server in there

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