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    Default Session_onEnd Procedure

    I have a Session procedure that works on my development machine but not on the production box. I went through every configuration and they are the same. The OS IIS versions are all the same. Any Ideas. Here is the code.<BR><BR><BR>Sub Session_onEnd <BR> dim userID, myConnection, rsUnsell, rsSelectID, rsPayments, rsUpAttendee<BR> userID = Session("user_id")<BR> <BR> set myConnection = CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")<BR> myConnection.Open "Provider=SQLOLEDB; Data Source=Data; Initial Catalog=2002;User ID=sa; Password=money;"<BR> set rsTest = myConnection.Execute ("insert into session Values (2, getDate(), &#039;endsess&#039;)")<BR> set rsTest = nothing<BR> set rsPayments = myConnection.Execute ("Select attendeeid from payments where attendeeid = " &UserID)<BR> If rsPayments.EOF = True Then<BR> set rsSelectID = myConnection.Execute ("Select distinct eventid from eventssold where attendeeid = "&userID)<BR> Do While not rsSelectID.EOF<BR> dim eventid<BR> eventid = rsSelectID("eventid")<BR> set rsUnsell = myConnection.Execute("sold_events_delete &#039;" & userID &"&#039;,"&eventid)<BR> set rsUpAttendee = myConnection.Execute("update attendees set attendee = 0 where attendeeid = "&userID) <BR> set rsUnsell = nothing<BR> rsSelectID.MoveNext<BR> Loop <BR> set rsSelectID = nothing <BR> End If <BR> <BR> set rsPayments = nothing<BR> myConnection.close<BR> set myConnection = nothing <BR><BR>End Sub

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    Default Session_onEnd

    Session_OnEnd doesn&#039;t always work. No one knows why it doesn&#039;t work, it just don&#039;t...

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