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    Is this poosible. Im trying to joint to form values together<BR>to form one. i.e. i have a text field for a domain to be searched and a drop down for the extension. I need these joined<BR>so my whois componant gets them together.<BR><BR>request.form("domain")<BR>request .form("domainex")<BR>domain = "& domain &"."& domainex &"<BR>theserver = request.form("server")<BR><BR>Set Whois = Server.CreateObject("desNET.Whois")<BR>Whois.Serve r = theServer<BR>WhoisInfo = Whois.WhoisHTML(Domain)<BR>Response.Write(WhoisInf o)<BR>Set Whois = nothing<BR><BR>Havinf said that i might be going about this wrong way.<BR><BR>Any ideas would be great

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    domain = "& domain &"."& domainex &" <BR>this line should look like<BR>domain = domain & "." & domainex <BR>i believe

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