We want to use the Paypal Instant Payment Notification to ensure we don&#039;t dispatch goods before payment is verified. What is the best way to incorporate their and our requirements into our pages?<BR><BR>Each time a payment is made PayPal send us a "Form Post" with 27 variables. We must then confirm receipt by posting back exactly what we received to PayPal. PayPal will then respond with either "verified" or "invalid". We must then check that in the original "Form Post" variable "payment_status" is "completed" and that "txn_id" is not a duplicate. <BR><BR>If correct we need to enter the variables into our database and send the customer a download URL and password by email.<BR><BR>We also need some form of email notification to an administrator if PayPal responds with "invalid".<BR><BR>We are using SQL 7 and the table is built. <BR><BR>David Pledger