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    one of you can probably spot my error easily, but i am not seeing it. i am getting a Page_Command_Out_Of_Order error message located on line one of a script. i have tried putting a couple of different things on line one just to see if it will change, but i keep getting the error message. the complete error message in the log file is:<BR>----------------------------------------------------------------<BR>&#124 1&#124ASP_0140&#124Page_Command_Out_Of_Order 500 0 477 16 HTTP/1.1 <BR>----------------------------------------------------------------<BR>the first few lines of code are:<BR>----------------------------------------------------------------<BR>&#060;!-- #INCLUDE FILE="" --&#062;<BR>&#060;% Response.Buffer = True <BR>Dim IP <BR>IP = Request.ServerVariables( "REMOTE_ADDR" ) <BR>----------------------------------------------------------------<BR>can anyone show me how to fix this so i dont get the error message anymore?

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    Default RE: Page_Command_Out_Of_Order<BR><BR>Buffer<BR>The Buffer property indicates whether to buffer page output. When page output is buffered, the server does not send a response to the client until all of the server scripts on the current page have been processed, or until the Flush or End method has been called.<BR><BR>The Buffer property cannot be set after the server has sent output to the client. For this reason, the call to Response.Buffer should be the first line of the .asp file.<BR><BR>

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