..I&#039;ll start by saying I wished I&#039;d never designed my site in Frontpage. It was okay to begin with but this one is the best. <BR><BR>I tried to rename my homepage from welcome.htm to welcome.asp (wayhay..) anyway when I start my Internet browser it doesn&#039;t recognise the homepage which was always found as now it seems to want to find There is a default.asp page there in my wwwroot folder as well. Here are the symptoms, I&#039;ve tried and have given up for tonight so can anyone shed some light on the problem? Please! I&#039;m going to sleep now but I&#039;ll be able to add more tomorrow if anyone can help. Thanks!<BR><BR>The symptoms:<BR><BR>1. Internet Explorer does not open the home page when you click on it. Instead it has &#039;The page cannot be found&#039;.<BR><BR>2. When I click on the home icon at the top of internet explorer it finds my home page which is strange as it should find the homepage first time round.<BR><BR>3. When I publish my website from frontpage and click on the hyperlink to view the published web from frontpage the hyperlinks no longer work to open it.<BR><BR>4. I have default.asp in my inetpub/wwwroot folder.<BR><BR>5. When I&#039;m in Personal Web Manager it has my settings as your home page is avaliable at http://computername when I click the hyperlink nothing happens.<BR><BR>6. The page below my home page has navigation buttons which are at the homepage level and not the level below .<BR><BR>PLEASE HELP as this is really messing up my web design.<BR><BR>Can somebody tell me what has happend, and how to resolve the problem?<BR><BR>I have IIS5 and FP2002. The FP log page shows <BR><BR>21 February 2002 00:28:17 Copied home page from "welcome.asp" to "Default.asp". <BR>21 February 2002 00:28:18 Renamed "welcome.asp" to "Default.asp". <BR><BR>I&#039;m moving away from Frontpage as you can see with my htm becoming asp but this one has stumped me.<BR><BR>Thanks All.<BR>Mazza. ;)<BR>