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    i have 3 forms, <BR>first form has 10 fields and a next button, <BR>2nd form has has 65 fields, has finish, next and back buttons, my 3rd form has 10 fields again and a back button.<BR>what if the USER is on the 2nd page, clicks the the next button and then wishes to see the previous page again by clicking my back button ? how can i pass the 65 fields back to the previous page ?? please i need help !! ......

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    Put the fields into a database every time someone presses a button. This way, you will not have any worries about losing the data. You can just populate the form when the page is veiwed (assuming you have some cookie or session variable to tell you who the user is). Also, just so you don&#039t get data in the database that is not complete, make a quick delete statement on the first page that will delete any lines that do not have all the data finished and they are over a day old. <BR><BR>Good Luck,<BR><BR>Brandon

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