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Thread: nimda kills ASP parm call - help

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    Nimda attacked my Win 2k Advance server. It took me several days to clean it out and load up all security upgrades. <BR><BR>I have an ASP page that issues a &#060;%parameter...%&#062; call to a dll. It was working before the attack. But after nimda, it returns "&#060;%parameter...%&#062;" verbatim, instead of the expected value (i.e I see &#060;%...%&#062; instead of a value in that field). I have 4 prior ASP&#039;s that gather data for the parameters. They seem to be operating and editing data correctly.<BR><BR>I have restored the directory backup into wwwroot.<BR>I have removed and reloaded IIS.<BR>I have checked the IIS properties for the app.<BR>I have removed and reloaded FrontPage (in which the ASP&#039;s were created).<BR><BR>Got ideas as to what else I need to remove&reload or check? <BR><BR>Sme

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    Default I woulde suggest

    you clean it ALL up....refront your machine.<BR><BR>

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