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    na8ur Guest

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    I got a field named datum which has the entries<BR>12.06.99 (eg)<BR>now I want to select today --> Datum=date()<BR>but how do I select the next 7 day or evenen the next months.<BR><BR>can you help me please :-?

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    Sam Otto Guest

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    today = Date<BR>newDate = DateAdd("d",7,today)<BR><BR>newDate will be 7 days in the future

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    You will need to use DateAdd. There are a couple of good articles on 4Guys that discuss how to use DateAdd:<BR><BR><BR>...and...<BR><BR><BR>You can also check out the "official" documentation at:<BR><BR><BR>Happy Programming!

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    NA(UR Guest

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    thanx a lot for the great help.<BR>watch your script in the next few weeks working at (me is Mathias E. Koch)<BR><BR>we are -->sending GOODVIBES as you do <BR>again thanx<BR>/na8ur

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