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    I have been out to W3c , and builder.com. I am a webdeveloper, who does not know much about xml, only ASP & Databases.<BR>I am trying to find out the limitations that I am dealing with.<BR><BR>I have 120 hotel fact sheets in Word. Now my normal solution would be to create an asp page that allows users to put this fact sheet information in a database. In a project meeting last week, trying to find the quickest solution to get this out of Word and into a format that they can search the<BR>data and print out hotel lists..One, non-technical person stood up and said.."We can do that if we use XML!" He said, "create a template, slap some tags in there, and boom..it&#039;s searchable. " Hey sounds easy enough(ha ha ha) I have no idea if this is possible. Just put a bunch of XML documents in a folder out there on the web server, or network. What product<BR>would you use to search through them? How would I begin building a<BR>template. Help.<BR><BR>Thanks to all,<BR>~wendy~ xml newbie<BR>

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    XML Spy is a good tool.<BR><BR>You can search through an XML data out put by using XPATH within an XSL template. There are lots of online resources on this.<BR><BR>Learning XML is like learning Javascript: the simple stuff takes minutes to learn; the good bits take hours and untold headaches (case-sensitivity, closing tags etc etc). Good luck!

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