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Thread: PWS won't start global.asa

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    FuZZbaLL Guest

    Default PWS won't start global.asa

    Hi there <BR><BR>I am working on a project that needs global.asa to be executed. I&#039m using PWS<BR><BR>The question is:<BR><BR>Wy doen&#039t my global.asa execute ?? all other pages do work.<BR><BR>Application and Session start&#039s don&#039t work and object&#039s dont work eather.<BR><BR>oke <BR>GreetZ<BR>FuZZbaLL

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    Peppe Bergqvist Guest

    Default RE: PWS won't start global.asa

    To have global.asa to work good you should make that the virtual directory is executable. You do that in the personal web manager under advanced then edit proporties I think..<BR><BR>//Peppe

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