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    Hi poeple<BR><BR>I&#039;m building a system where I have an Admin site that adds info to an oracle database. When the administrator adds some info, a popup window must appear in the screen of avery user logged in the public site. HOW TO DO THAT???? Can I send any kind of command to everybody&#039;s browser to load a specific page??? <BR><BR>I was thinking in buiding a page inside a 1 pixel frame, that seems invisible to the user. This page should reload every 5 seconds to check if there&#039;s a new message in the Database, and if so, it would load the popup. My worry about this is about the lots of requests that would be made to IIS...<BR><BR>I&#039;m using ASP (JScript), oracle and IIS5<BR><BR>cheers<BR><BR>Ricardo

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    Default You cannot...

    ...send a message from the server to client, not through HTTP.<BR><BR>HTTP is a Request/Response system. A client must request a page for a server to respond. No request, no response.<BR><BR>The *only* option using HTTP is to do as you said - manually check back. Not every 5 seconds, though. Every minute? 5 minutes? How important is this information?<BR><BR>The only other way is to create an ActiveX control, or VB application which can accept straight TCP/IP connections, and make THAT respond to the server&#039;s communications.<BR><BR>Craig.

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