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    Is it possible to, in any way, remove the "save-as" option under "File"-tab when<BR>opening a Word document in Internet Explorer (Word Plug-in)??<BR><BR>Also, will macros execute/VBA scripts execute/function the same way in the IE Plug-In<BR>as in the actual Word-application (winword.exe) when opening a document??<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Anders

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    Default Never tried it... but....

    Here are my gut reactions:<BR><BR>1) ("Save-as") Probably not - this is the client&#039;s system, and I would guess that any scripting language would not have security permissions to modify that. Putting it in a pop-up may get around it, though, by not displaying it to the user.<BR>2) ("Macros") Probably. As it is running on the client&#039;s system, and you have already told IE that you want to download and open it, I would guess that it has the same permissions as any other Word file on the user&#039;s system.<BR><BR>#2 seems like a bit of an open hole with regards to security, but then again, this is MS...<BR><BR>Craig.

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