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    Russel Guest

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    Response.Write Error:<BR><BR>Hi all,<BR><BR>I have problems in using response.write <BR>I have created email this article to your friend<BR>through email. It contains 3 asp files.<BR>1. Emailthispage.asp - which contains the contents to be send <BR>2. Email.asp - which contains all the text fields for email address<BR>3. Sendthispage.asp - which contains code for sending the article through email<BR><BR>The problem i face here is, in the first page i have given the hyperlink to<BR>open the page second page email.asp which contains all the fields like senders name,<BR>senders email, receivers email id. etc. <BR><BR>I occur problems if i give the hyperlink in the first page like this:<BR><BR>Response.Write "&#060;A HREF=/somefolder/email.asp&#062; Email This Page &#060;/A&#062;"<BR><BR>the error it shows is: <BR><BR>script timeout or something like that.<BR><BR>if i give the same hyperlink like this out of asp delimeters:<BR><BR>&#060;A HREF=/somefolder/email.asp&#062; Email This Page &#060;/A&#062;<BR><BR>there is no error and the email is being sent.<BR><BR>The other problem i have is, i easily removed the<BR>http:// but when my path uses querystring i receive a problem<BR>saying invalid values in mappath.<BR><BR>can anyone send me code for the above and some assistance please<BR><BR>regards<BR>russel

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    Leungas Guest

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    try to use:<BR><BR>Response.Write "&#060;A HREF=" & chr(34) & "/somefolder/email.asp" & chr(34) & "&#062; Email This Page &#060;/A&#062;"<BR><BR>I hope this helps...

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