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    I have a conditional loop set up in a page where I check if:<BR>Request.Form("function") = "Process" or<BR>Request.Form("function") = "Display" etc....<BR><BR>This all works fine unless the browser refresh button is pressed. Let me give a little more detail. My ASP is made up of several sections. One section checks if you are logged in, another section deals with displaying a form and another section deals with processing that form. <BR><BR>My problem arises when you submit an entry. The table on the display is updated(Request.Form("function") = "Process"). But if you refresh a second entry is made(Request.Form("function") = "Process" again!!) and so on for every refresh. I do have code at the top of the page to handle caching, but I appear to be a bit lost as to what, if anything, I can do here. Has anyone else come across this problem before, or do you have any suggestions to make as to how I could deal with it?<BR><BR>Thanks.

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    Default Show some of the relavent code.

    Show where you are checking the Request.Form("function") and where you are assigning Request.Form("function").<BR><BR>-Doug

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