hy<BR>I have this problem:<BR>I have a domain controler named "pcredes.dom.net"<BR>Active Directory is installed in it.<BR>Inside Active Directory exist the domain "labredes.dom.net"<BR>in this domain exist a user whit login "jota"<BR><BR>I need retrieve the atributes of the user.<BR>I try to connect to the Active Directory from ASP usin this code:<BR><BR>Set ds = GetObject("LDAP:")<BR>Set X = ds.OpenDSObject("LDAP://pcredes.dom.net/CN=jota,CN=Users,CN=labredes,CN=dom,CN=net","CN=vi lla","villa123",ADS_SECURE_AUTHENTICATION + ADS_SERVER_BIND)<BR><BR>I use the user "villa" and the pass "vila123" to connect to Active Dyrectory.This user have administrators rihgts <BR><BR>But, this code dont work me!!<BR>Always give this error : 8007202A <BR><BR><BR>Any one help me?<BR>thanks all.<BR><BR>DLT.<BR>