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    I have a asp problem:<BR><BR>On Form1 there is a textbox named txtPartID for entering a part ID. When the form is submitted, a asp page appears. This page (partList.asp)will list the parts using a SQL statement as follows:<BR>SQL="select * from part table where part_ID="&request("txtPartID")&" "<BR><BR>Then I selected a part from the list to do the update. When update is finished, a page appears saying "The part is updated. Click BACK button to return to the previous page". I use &#060;form action="partList.asp"&#062;&#060;input type=submit value=BACK&#062;&#060;/form&#062; for the back button. The problem is it never returns back !!!<BR><BR>I know the problem is because txtPartID value is gone. So how to remember this value. I tried session variable, but still failed. Any help will be appreciated.<BR><BR>christopher

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    &#062; I tried session variable<BR><BR>But *what* did you try? My crystal ball is cloudy today, so I can&#039;t see the code you used.<BR><BR>HINT: You said your SQL statement was built from:<BR><BR>SQL="select * from part table where part_ID="&request("txtPartID")<BR><BR>Okay, how can you produce Request("txtPartID") no matter how you get to that page?<BR><BR>

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