Send as you process or process then send?

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Thread: Send as you process or process then send?

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    Default Send as you process or process then send?

    Does ASP process a script, then send the result, or does it keep sending bits of the result as it is processed? This may seem quite fundamental and basic knowledge, but no-one ever told me. The idea I get from my four months experience is that it does the latter.

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    Default Either!

    By default ASP sends the response as a stream as it is being produced. However if you want it to be delayed until the script is complete you can add the following command:<BR><BR>Response.Buffered = true<BR><BR>Note that this must be done before your script outputs any http response. <BR><BR>If you set buffering as above, you can then send parts back as they are produced by doing:<BR><BR>Response.Flush<BR><BR>Also if you want to be able to redirect to another page from within your script, you must turn buffering on or you will get an error.

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