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Thread: VB 6.0 Vs VB.Net

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    Default VB 6.0 Vs VB.Net

    Is Vb.Net the upgrade for Visual Studio 6.0?<BR><BR>Thanks

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    Default If you want to call it an upgrade

    yes.<BR><BR><BR>like upgrading from Wisconsin to California.<BR><BR><BR>actually more like upgrading from McDonalds to Spago

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    Default VB.NET is really a new language

    80% to 90% of stuff is compatible, but there are *lots* of important changes.<BR><BR>Just as an example, OPTION BASE is gone. ALL arrays now start with element zero (same as VBScript does, incidentally).<BR><BR>[Know why? Because VB.NET and C# and ??? all use the same "Common Language Runtime" (CLR) and this allows much better interoperability between the languages. An array in VB.NET *is* an array in C#, for all practical purposes. I only mention this to point out the reasoning behind most changes. Compabilility and performance.]<BR><BR>

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