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    hi ,<BR><BR> i&#039m using a PWS(4.0),running on a win 98 pc(to test out a small appln).the problem is that after loading several asp files, it results in the PWS becoming extremely slow,sometimes going into a &#039hang&#039(the bytes served item under &#039main&#039 in the web manager seems to have a limit),till then it works there any way to prevent this from occurring?? .each time i need to restart the machine to start afresh.any ideas anybody???.<BR>(this particularly happens on trying to connect to access)<BR><BR><BR>thanx.<BR>-george.

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    Have you EXPLICTLY close and destroyed ALL your ADO objects on every page? If you don&#039t, it leaks memory like a sieve...<BR><BR>Have a look at 4Guys - there&#039s a few articles about this issue (sorry I don&#039t have a URL handy and I seem unable to reach 4Guys today...)<BR><BR>HTH<BR><BR>Dunc

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    Default RE: problems with PWS....<BR><BR>can maybe solve your problem bur else you have to download a new mdac from microsoft.<BR><BR>//Peppe<BR><BR>

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