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    I have a page that passes four fields through a querystring to a second page. I fear that some of my users will try to shortcut the destination page, bypassing the input of information. This currently yields an error as the database has yet to be populated with the information being compared from the querystring.<BR><BR>Is there any way to block that page from loading? Is there a way to trap those users back to the primary page? <BR><BR>I&#039;ve been able to filter out missing information when looking at the querystring, but haven&#039;t been able to do it from the database side.<BR><BR>James

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    one way without giving it much thought would be give set a session id on the first page on the second one see if they have a session id if not redirect back to the first one

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    Default Check the HTTP_REFERRER

    I think there might be a FAQ on this. Check through them - they might detail out how you do this.<BR><BR>-Doug

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