I&#039m sure someone has run across this before... ASPMail won&#039t sent an email to any aol.com addresses. I get the error:<BR>"503 must have sender and recipient first"<BR><BR>I found out through ServerObject.com&#039s website that:<BR><BR>"AOL will not accept anything other than a true address in the "From:" heading. Just about every mail system out there, except AOL and Compuserve, will accept the "No Mail Address" as the "From:" header. (thanks to R.S for this info)."<BR><BR>What EXACTLY are they telling us to do?<BR><BR>I have tried:<BR><BR>Mailer.FromName = "my@email.com"<BR>Mailer.FromAddress = "my@email.com"<BR><BR>- Ive tried "&#060;my@email.com&#062;" and "mail.server.com"<BR><BR>...and many other variations with no luck.<BR><BR>All other non-AOL email addresses have been working just fine.<BR><BR>Could someone share a code sample that works when sending to AOL addresses?<BR><BR>Thanks in advance!<BR>Ed