Hello,<BR><BR>I have an urgent situation. We currently are running an old auction site for our company. I noticed a bug in the program that could be a problem.<BR><BR>The program selects the current bid and then compares it to the new bid. After the comparisons, it will submit the bid to the dB is it meets the requirements and beats the other bids.<BR><BR>What if someone else sneaks a bid in after the select and comparisons, but before the submission of the new Bid?<BR><BR>I have put all this information in a transaction (starting with the select and committing at the insert), but does a transaction essentially lock the dB until it is committed?<BR><BR>If not, is there a way to lock a dB? Is there also a way to check for a lock, allowing users to wait until the lock is no more?<BR><BR>Does anyone have another suggested fixes to this issue?<BR><BR>Thank You Very Much,<BR>Kris from Norway.