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    Ive been looking at the mailing form results which has been updated by Bill Wilkinson and am trying to do a similar thing myself. However, when using the ASP code provide I keep coming up with an error saying "Permission Denied". Any idea on how to sort this error out? P.s. I even tried the html file with the asp that you have got on the web but still no luck? Can u help?

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    I personally haven&#039;t read that FAQ.<BR><BR>If you are getting Permission Denied and using CDO and it&#039;s when you try to call .Send - I told some guy there was an article on that told how to fix the problem.<BR><BR>-Doug

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    Hi...<BR><BR>I&#039;m looking at sending mail from an ASP page as well. I found a document on the web and within it, it states:<BR><BR><BR>Getting a Permission Denied Error?<BR>Depending on the security settings on the Web server you may receive a permission denied error when executing the Send method. If this is the case check to make sure that the IUSR_MachineName has Full Control permissions on the mail root directories (usually C:InetPubmailroot). (For example, if your Web server&#039;s name is Bob, ensure that IUSR_Bob has these permissions.) <BR><BR>Hope this helps<BR>Suz<BR>

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