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    elad rosenberg Guest

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    hi all...<BR>i wrote poll/survay scipt in asp.<BR>i want every user will vote and express his opinion in my site.<BR>you can seeit in<BR>i used the application variable to store the pll results.<BR>after i restart my iis all the data is deleted and poll results<BR>are starting from 0 .<BR>how can i save my data even te iis is restart?should i wrote<BR>the rsults to database?<BR>elad<BR>

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    Deion (Aaron T. Lange) Guest

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    writing your results to a database would for sure work, but it might be a bit extreme if you are just holding a count. For all the voting asp pages i have built i have stored my results in a nice TXT file. (plenty of great examples of how to do that can be found on this site.) <BR>my 2 cets anyhow! =)<BR><BR>~Deion<BR>

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