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Thread: how to develop components with c++

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    Juergen Duttlinger Guest

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    I would like to build server components with visual c++.<BR>Does anybody know good examples, resources, books or a tutorial to start with ?.<BR><BR>Thanks Juergen

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    You&#039ve got to use ATL, which stands for Active Template Library. As you have probably found, this is one subject that is seriously lacking resources on the net.<BR><BR>I suggest you check out these URLs:<BR><BR><BR>(A couple of good links)<BR><BR><BR>(a listserv on C++/component building)<BR><BR><BR>(review of a component building book (I own this book, it is OK, although it does not focus on using ATL/C++))<BR><BR>I recently purchased ATL Internals (, and am working through it slowly. It is very technical, and you have to have a good understanding of C++, and a fair understanding of COM. It is very good, though, if you meet those criteria.<BR><BR>I plan on writing up some articles on the topic once I finish ATL Internals.<BR><BR>Have a great day!

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    Matt Jacyno Guest

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    Wrox also has a book called Beginning ATL COM Programming that is a good introduction, while still digging into some good detail...

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