Problems Starting VS.NET IDE - PLEASE HELP

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Thread: Problems Starting VS.NET IDE - PLEASE HELP

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    Dear Folks ,<BR><BR> I have a Pent 4 ,XP Machine with 60 gb hd , 756 MB RD RAM. I tried installing<BR>VS.NET IDE BETA 2 almost 5 times , encountered the same problem again and<BR>again. The Installation went fine , it installed all the components. The<BR>IDE would seem to start but dissappear in a flash. It would&#039;t open in simple<BR>terms. I have a firewall , an antivirus and a popup stopper installed ,<BR>I disabled them all, Still the IDE would seem to load then close in a flash.<BR><BR><BR>Any help or suggestion will be appreciated.<BR><BR>Regards,<BR>Prasanna<BR>

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    well my friend , am not sure but still a suggestion, did you installed component update program before installing , coz i installed vs this way<BR>first i installed component update cd, then<BR>its working fine

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