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    Default connecting ASP and C++

    Hi,<BR><BR>Any ideas with the following suitation would be most appreciated.<BR><BR>I have some (or will have some) complicated C++ code/program that will have an ASP web interface. The asp will take around 10 parms of the user and the intention is to give these parameters to the C++ code, which will do its thing and sends back a result, which could be a few parameters itself which the asp will display.<BR><BR>How can I do this? <BR><BR>My initial thought is to make the c++ code into an executable and call the executable from the asp, but passing parms and results could be a little messy. Is there a better way?<BR><BR>Any thoughts?<BR><BR>Thanks<BR><BR>Tom

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    Default Very messy....

    Could it be an ActiveX DLL which ASP could then call? You could then just have everything as methods/properties and stuff...<BR><BR>I don&#039;t work in C++, so I&#039;m not sure if it&#039;s possible. If you can create a DLL which VB can call, then ASP should be able to call it...<BR><BR>Craig.

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    Default Yes it's possible

    actually, it&#039;s the way to go...

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