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    Default Bill you are really great....

    I have not received any replies from you until date... but I got so many points while going thru other question for which you have answered... I think you and Altrax (I hope I am correct with the spelling) are really doing an excellent job... Things have become something like .... ASK BILLS IF U R STRUCK .....<BR><BR>Thanks Bills for you excellent job and in making us feel comfortable with the subject.

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    Default Sometimes I make people mad...

    ...such as our new poster "Nafisa" here tonight.<BR><BR>I&#039;m sure he is not happy with the way I answered him. Because I sound too much like an old teacher scolding a young student. Which I am: Old, that is. <BR><BR>I really want people to *learn* programming, but I also want them to learn it right. By steps. Instead of trying to get it all in one answer (like "Baskimagi" wants to do).<BR><BR>Anyway...<BR><BR>There are many others here who lend tremendous expertise, especially in their own areas!<BR><BR>Dutch and Lars Berg both are *wonderful* for SQL (and other DB-related) questions. Far better than I am, since I&#039;ve never used SQL in a "professional" capacity. <BR><BR>Akhilesh and Atrax and Xanderno are all good sources. They tend to have a lot of "fun" in the process, but still...<BR><BR>Desert Ghost is, like me, a software "generalist." We both know a little bit about a lot of things, so that makes it easier for us to answer lots of questions in this forum. <BR><BR>Let&#039;s see... Kristin was a newbie less than two years ago. Today, she answers questions like a real pro. Darren is also a relative newcomer to ASP who has had some tremendous ideas. Digory pops in from time to time with good stuff. <BR><BR>Others who are worth listening to: CoolDude, NedOBrien, Steve Miller, DougD... Well, the list goes on and on.<BR><BR>I *know* I have left out some really valuable contributors here. I guess what I am saying is: Don&#039;t single me out. I may write more, but I don&#039;t think I write "better," than many others.<BR><BR>Hmmm...and even answering a nice post like yours I talk too much, don&#039;t I?<BR><BR>

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    Default RE: Sometimes I make people mad...

    We&#039;ll Bill youve helped me so far. I thank you greatly.

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