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    Default IIS custom errors

    Can anybody help me in allowing IIS to display ASP error messages instead of showing the default "internal server error" page ? Iam running IIS 5.0 on windows 2000 server<BR><BR>Thx

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    Default yes u can...

    have all ur custom pages done already.<BR>go to ur website in the IIS and rightclick to select properties.<BR>go to custom erros and choose the type of error u wish to have a custom page<BR>u can see "message type " and "url" there<BR>in message type, select "URL"<BR>in the url, type /404.asp....where 404.asp is the custom page for 404 errors on ur site. this page resides in the root path. if it exists in any other path, change the URL path appropriatly.<BR><BR>hope this helps

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