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    Hi, I just wanted to get some feedback on Dreamweaver Ultradev and the ASP code that it produces. I was wondering if people consider it effecient code or does it tend to be a bit "bloated"<BR><BR>I ask because I have finished Sams Teach Yourself ASP book and feel that I am getting pretty good at writing and breaking down ASP code. Whenever I am handed an Ultradev generated page though, I find it very hard to wade through it. It seems to be longer than it needs to be, and always has heaps of "MM_" variables all over the place.<BR><BR>Has anyone else noticed this or is it just that I am still inexperienced? Thanks in advance for your feedback.<BR><BR>Scott.

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    Default Most code generators...

    ...produce bloated code. Not surprising, since they have to try to cover so many possibilities. DreamWeaver does seem a bit more bloated than most, though.<BR><BR>

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