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Thread: simple recordset question, i'm sure

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    On my local Win98 machine, using PWS and Access97 this code works fine:<BR><BR>sql="SELECT * FROM merchandise INNER JOIN (merchordered INNER JOIN orders ON orders.[orderid]=merchordered.[orderid]) ON merchandise.[productid]=merchordered.[productid] WHERE orders.[orderid]= " & ordnum & " ORDER BY orders.[orderid]"<BR><BR>set rsordet=db.execute(sql)<BR><BR>Order ID: &#060;%=rsordet("orders.orderid")%&#062;<BR><BR>Bu t, when I upload the files to the server (Host WindowsNT), the rsordet("orders.orderid") produces an error, and I&#039;m forced to use:<BR><BR>rsordet("orderid")<BR><BR>as opposed to this: rsordet("orders.orderid")<BR><BR>Why is this? and How does the app KNOW which orderid field rsordet("orderid") is referring to?? Somehow it knows on the Host server, but on my machine I MUST use the orders.orderid method. <BR><BR>Any help greatly appreciated. <BR>roger

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    Check 2 things. What version of MDAC you are using and upgrade to the latest as I suspect the server is and also check your IIS version. Simple way to do that is to run Win 98&#039;s Update feature. Start/settings/Windows Update. You&#039;ll be able to see everything that needs updating with links to get the downloads.<BR><BR>HTH

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