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    I have user authentication setup on my web site using just a user table in my database and cookies to pass the user&#039;s info from page to page.<BR><BR>I&#039;m just starting to experiment with user sessions.<BR><BR>What are the advantages/disadvantages of using sessions? Why would I use them over passing the info to and from cookies (besides begin able to track and tell how many users are on at once and those type of functions)?<BR><BR>When should I *not* implement user sessions? What I have right now works fine for a user base, security levels and that sort of thing... but I&#039;m looking to understand why I would use a session-based authentication over the one that I currently have.<BR><BR>I heard that session also bog down a system if you have alot of users on at once.<BR><BR>

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    This may answer some of your questions.<BR><BR>

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