Hello !<BR><BR>I use in every my ASP page the following line to include a file:<BR><BR>&#060;!--#include virtual="inc/inc.asp"--&#062; <BR><BR>My inc.asp file is locate under Inc directory that is a sub-directory of the Root direcory.<BR><BR>This works fine.<BR>It&#039;s works in every Asp file locate in root directory and also in file located in every sub-directory.<BR><BR>This is ok for two days.......<BR><BR>Now it&#039;s Works only in files that are in the root directory, so i have to put in every sub-directory a Inc directory with inc.asp file...<BR><BR>I have Windows 2000 Server and i have only a Web sites.<BR>The Default server Web and the Administration server Web are stopped.<BR><BR>The only running is "prova" that is located in:<BR>d:websitesprova<BR><BR>the inc file is in:<BR><BR>d:websitesprovaincinc.asp<BR><BR>In Internet Explorer i put:<BR>http://prova<BR><BR><BR>The page of file that are not in the root directory return with a Generic http:500 Internal Server Error.<BR>My Inc file is Ok.....in the root it works fine....<BR><BR><BR>Thanks For your Help.<BR>Matteo Mazzoni