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    i retrived mail from pop3 account and dynamically create table like yahoo which has four field.<BR>subject from date size.<BR>in have made subject field when i click that according to it on the next page it will show all the content like yahoo.<BR>now my problem is in yahoo when we check the mail then it color is changed that means it has already read and new mail has different<BR>in my application how can change the color when somebody reads that mail.<BR><BR>pls.urgent

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    Default Couple of ways

    to accomplish, but off the top <BR>Create a field in the table called IsRead. When they click on the message and you are displaying it to them, use an update statement to update the record and set the IsRead field to True<BR>ie. <BR>"UPDATE MESSAGES set IsRead = &#039;True&#039;" _<BR>& " WHERE MessageID = " & Request("MessageID")<BR><BR>Then where you display the messages in the table<BR>&#039;Retrieve your recordset of the messages for the user<BR>isRead = RS("IsRead")<BR>&#060;% If isRead = "True" Then %&#062;<BR>Set the background color of the cell in the &#060;td&#062; tag to whatever<BR>&#060;%Else%&#062;<BR>Set the background color of the cell to another color<BR>Then display your link in the cell<BR>&#060;A HREF="showMessage.asp?MessageID=&#060;%=RS("Messag eID")%&#062;"&#062;&#060;%=RS("Subject")%&#062;&#0 60;/A&#062;<BR>&#060;% End If %&#062;<BR><BR>Other ways to do it too, ie. you can set the color of the hyperlink based on the If Then End If, but you get the idea?<BR>

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