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    May I know how can I display a selected row in a datagrid in another webform?<BR> Which means that, I build a datagrid which display a records of a database tables(AutoGenerateColumns is false). And for each row, I added a checkbox (by using TemplateColumn). Next, I added a button and post an onclick event which will redirect to another page. (Question: Will using redirect also send the form collections?). However, I cant get the value of datagrid. Cause on the 2nd page, I wish to display a list of selected item in first webform (by detecting the checkbox status). Anyone know how to do it?

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    Why don&#039;t you use Session variables or QueryString params to pass info between pages ?? I do not believe passing the raw form collection to another webform would do what you want it to.<BR><BR>regards,<BR><BR>Dave Kawliche<BR><BR>

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