Hi<BR><BR>I need help on the following problem.<BR>I have an Access database created with MS Access 2000 French version and running on an English Windows 2000/IIS 5 Server.<BR><BR>The problem concerns the number fields containing decimal numbers (Single/Double/etc), and compatibility between the standard English number formatting for decimal numbers (with a "." as the decimal separator) and the French/Latin standard for the same numbers (with a "," as the decimal separator) - ie. English way is $1.99, Lating way is $1,99<BR><BR>As far as I know, VBScript only understands the English formatting, but the problems come from Access, which I do not know how it treats numbers depending on the LCID.<BR>I explain : when I created the database, with MS Access 2000 in French, on a French based system, I defined the field types and so on, and created the first test record. I noticed at this time that I had to enter the decimal numbers in the French/Latin way.<BR><BR>The problem is quite vast, as it concernsn both updating/adding records to the database, but also grabbing the data and operating it with VBScript.<BR><BR>I think there is one thing I need to understand, which is in fact the foundation of the problem : How does Access handles numbers ? Does the way it handles numbers is LCID-dependent ? In other words, I created a database on a French system, and now, do I need to enter numbers in the French way in the SQL query, and does the database always outputs numbers in the French way, even on an English system ?<BR><BR>I hope you see what I mean as I really need help on that topic.<BR><BR>Thanks for any help<BR><BR>CCM