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    Hi,<BR>We just setup our server with windows 2000 Small Business server. The book says it has SQL server but I don&#039;t see it anywhere. Is SQL server the actual program that you use to build the database or does it just serve your db file? What is the program that you use to build the data and does it come w/ SBS or do you have to buy it seperately? Thanks - Trevor

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    SQL Server is the *service* that runs on the computer and stores the data, executes the Queries and returns the data. It&#039;s the actual server. You have some tools to work with SQL Server (like Enterprise manager and Query Analyzer) the help you to build queries and administer the server. I&#039;m not really sure but I think they do come with SBS. When you look in the Start menu you&#039;ll see Books Online, that&#039;s the manual that comes with SQL server. Check it! It&#039;s a great rescource.

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    If you&#039;re using SBS 2000, it&#039;s on Disc 2, I believe. You&#039;ll know....Load the disk into the CD Drive, and it should auto run, and give you (if I remember correctly) 4 options. The Top-Left hand icon, if you click on it, installs SQL Server.

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