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    Peng Guest

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    I did not notice this until recently I put some big graphics in the shared border area(FrontPage98) of my page. When I pass the data from one page to another using a link like "page1.asp?id=9", the big graphics in the share border stay there. But if passing data using the form,after click submit button, all the graphics starting to reload themselves. Any idea? Is there a way to pass all the form data using only the link to avoid above problem?<BR><BR><BR>Thanks<BR><BR>Peng

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    Leungas Guest

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    When you click the link, it will first look into the cache of your internet files (i.e. your temp internet files) and see there is a copy (which you do) and load it. So it looks pretty fast.<BR><BR>When you use a submit form. It will redirect to another page and reload all the scripts etc....for the browser&#039s concern, it is going to another page. So it will load all the things again.<BR><BR>There isn&#039t much a way in solving this through a form. I think...<BR><BR>Well, this is only my view anything and other&#039s may have a different look into it.

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