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    Default Domain name search

    A client would like to give customers the opportunity to search for domain names on one of their pages. I looked at They have written scripts that resellers can use on their site. But it uses ActivePerl. <BR>Does anyone know of a solution that uses ASP?<BR>

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    Default Need a COM object.

    You could do a couple of things...<BR><BR>1) Find a COM object that tells you if the domain is available or not. or are good starting places.<BR><BR>2) Find a WHOIS COM object ( maybe). Do a whois lookup and view the results. You can determine if a domain is available or not.<BR><BR>-Doug

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    Default Or a TCP/IP object...

    I used one of those to create my own custom Whois COM object (had the source for the TCP/IP object), by just querying a certain port on known whois servers. Port 43 I think (from memory).<BR><BR>It&#039;s not hard. I think I got the source for the TCP/IP component from<BR><BR>Craig.

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