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    Hello, <BR>I pass data from sqlserver to msaccess in this way: <BR><BR>INSERT INTO OPENROWSET(&#039;Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0&#039;,&#0 39;filename&#039;;&#039;admin&#039;;&#039;&#039;,[tablename])(field1,fiel2,fieldn) SELECT field1,field2,fieldn FROM othertable <BR><BR>This work fine since I run it from the sqlserver Query Analyzer console but stop, with different run times, when i run in asp (connection.execute SQLcommand). <BR>May be there are some problems with timeouts? <BR><BR>thanks <BR>Jacopo

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    OK try this<BR>1) open the SQL and collect data<BR> use a loop if more than one record or variables if one<BR>2) open the Access and insert<BR>3) close both

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