&#060;%<BR>Response.write PermissionsChecker.HasAccess("MyFile.htm")<BR>Resp onse.write PermissionsChecker.HasAccess("MyFile.htm")<BR><BR> Set Q = Server.CreateObject("ixsso.Query")<BR>set RS = Q.CreateRecordSet("sequential")<BR><BR>Response.wr ite PermissionsChecker.HasAccess("MyFile.htm")<BR>%&#0 62;<BR><BR>This gives me True,True,False.<BR><BR>Basically when I execute the Index Server ADO query the Security Context seems to be changing the the LOGON_USER account to the Local System account, even though LOGON_USER stays the same.<BR><BR>How do I stop ASP doing this impersonation, or do I have to do all my security checking prior to doing the query?<BR><BR>Please help.<BR><BR>