Well, the information I&#039;m finding on MSDN seems to contradict itself, so I&#039;m hoping someone here can point me in the right direction. <BR><BR><BR>Basically, I&#039;m trying to retrieve data from file A and update file B with it. If I were using an Access or MS SQL database, I would open the first table, read the data, then update the second table. Here is the documentation I&#039;m following, but I&#039;m getting an error that my Update syntax is incorrect: <BR><BR><BR>Here is my code (I am only including the relevant code): <BR><BR> objSource.MoveFirst<BR> objTarget.MoveFirst<BR><BR><BR> While (Not(objSource.EOF) AND Not(objTarget.EOF))<BR> For X = 0 To objSource.Fields.Count - 1<BR> objTarget.Fields.Item(X).Value = objSource.Fields.Item(X).Value<BR> Next<BR> objSource.MoveNext<BR> Wend<BR> <BR> objTarget.Update<BR><BR>Any and all help is appreciated.