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    I am in the process of doing a security audit on a client. On a page when you view source you can see connection data.Example:<BR>Set dbConnect = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")<BR>Call dbConnect.Open("hits", "", "")<BR><BR>I know how to secure this (password,have connection data in .asp file..). <BR>But is it possible to hack their Access database with this information. If yes then I have earned some pocket money!<BR>A friend believes it is not possible. he says the dsn "hits" is only accessible from the clients web space.<BR>Is this true or can it still be hacked?<BR><BR><BR><BR>

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    why can you see connection data when you do a view source??<BR><BR>do exactly that......throw that in an asp file then you should nto see it<BR><BR>&#062;the clients web space.<BR>To my limited knowledge i guess only from the server this DSN is on.....but hey maybe it is.....*I* dont know of any way though.<BR><BR>as for the access db the only way *I* know is if you put it in your web app folder then ANYONE who knows the path can download the file.....he would not even need the pwd.<BR><BR>

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    Answer is I don&#039;t know... But you have earned your money! You have a possible loop hole. I would be horrified if that info was outside the company!

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